Yongsan & Yeouido


“Global District Within Seoul on the Riverside Hangang”

Itaewon | Yeouido

     Itaewon itself is like a small world within Seoul, a microcosm of the entire world. In this urban center, you can see everything from the exotic atmosphere of an Islamic temple to exotic cuisines the names of which you may never have heard. This is also where you can find uniquely designed boutique hotels and galleries with global reputations. You may not want to miss the opportunity to see the unique souvenirs that came from countries around the world at Itaewon Market and Antique Street.

     While Itaewon is the global district in Gangbuk region, Yeouido, an island that faces it across from Hangang, is the district of global finance in Gangnam region. Yeouido was nothing more than a sandy island about a hundred years ago, but the area began to attract attention when Korea’s first airport opened for business in 1916. Today, it is home to many landmarks of Seoul, such as the National Assembly building, 63 Building and IFC Mall, but the true gem of Yeouido is Hangang (river). Take a ferry cruise and  sail on the river to view the bridges of Hangang that underwent many changes over the course of Korean history, and other major tourist attractions of Seoul such as the beautiful ecology island, Bamseom (Islet).
     During the Joseon Period, ferryboats were the major means of transportation. So it was from the piers by the river Hangang that Seoul culture and civilization spread throughout the nation in days gone by. Today, Hangang is still the iconic foundation upon which the culture of Seoul blooms. In spring and autumn, Hangang Park transforms itself into a stage for various festivals. Other popular attractions along the riverside of Hangang include public swimming pools and water taxies that ferry passengers across the river. Hangang riverside is always the place to be with many leisure and sports activities throughout the four seasons


  1. Leeum Samsung Museum of Art – The museum attracts visitors with its world-class collections and special exhibitions, but the museum building, designed by the world famous architects Mario Botta, Jean Nouvel, and Rem KoolHaas, is nothing short of an impressive work of art in itself. (p.38)
  2. Gyeongnidan-gil – If you need to take a break from the bustle of Itaewon, Gyeongnidan-gil is just for you. This is a street lined with small restaurants that boasts chefs from other countries and internationally-trained Korean chefs. (p.39)
  3. 63 Building – It may no longer be the tallest building in Seoul, but its popularity remains higher than ever as a versatile cultural complex that houses an aquarium, a wax museum, and the observatory called Sky Art. (p.40)

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