University Quarter


“Streets of Cafes, Galleries, and College Life”

Hongdae & Sangsu Station | Sinchon & Ehwa Womens Univ. Station Area


     The area near Sinchon that houses Yonsei Univ. and Ewha Womans Univ. is the most widely known college town in the city. The Gothic-style campus of Yonsei Univ. has been a popular location for many Korean Wave movies and dramas with its ivy vines climbing the campus buildings and trees that change through the seasons.
     Sinchon and the area surrounding Ewha Womans Univ. is just the spot to visit if you are traveling on a budget, and on a quest to find affordably priced restaurants and shops. The streets that face Ewha Womans Univ. in particular have been such a shopping haven that during the 1990s, the area was setting the trends in Seoul and gave birth to the term “Ewha Style” long before“Gangnam Style” came about.
     While the Ewha Univ. and Sinchon area represent the campus life of Seoul, the area near Hongik Univ.—often called the Hongdae area – is famous as the hub of indie art culture. This is the place where entire streets transform into a stage for a mega-scale festival at night with dances, music, and young clubbers, surrounded by free-spirited murals, young designers’ flagship shops, and cafes. Clubs in the Hongdae area are so famous among international tourists that the New York Times once picked the area as one of the Ten Must-Do’s in Seoul. Recently, the culture of the area has been expanding to reach as far as Sangsu- dong cafe street transforming itself all over again as the streets of youth that embrace diversity.


Underwood Hall, Stimson Hall, and Appenzeller Hall of Yonsei University – These three Gothic-style buildings, standing side by side with a beautiful garden along the front, are designated as historic sites. The area is the most popular photo setting among tourists.
Hongdae’ Clubs – Clubs are the icon of Hongdae culture. The clubs in the area are always crowded with young people who dance to all genres of music from modern rock to techno.
Sangsu-dong Cafe Street – This is the newly emerging hotspot in Hongdae that makes the street of cafes in Sangsu-dong pale by comparison. Feel the liberal spirit that only Hongdae culture can offer when you walk into boutique shops run by young designers and nationality-transcending eateries.

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