Plan Your Trip

City Hall Area

  • Watch the changing of the royal guards ceremony at Deoksugung Palace and take a walk
  • Tour the City Hall building that is considered the ecology landmark of Seoul
  • View diverse exhibitions at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Deoksugung Palace, Seoul Museum of Art, and Seoul Museum of History

Myeong-dong ; Euljiro

  • Shop for brand name products at major department stores and duty free shops
  • Shop for unique accessories and a variety of Korean-made make-up on the streets of Myeong-dong
  • Experience traditions of Korea at Namsangol Hanok Village

Namdaemun Market ; Namsan

  • Tour the Namdaemun Market where you can buy everything from traditional arts and crafts to cameras and glasses
  • Explore great restaurants in the food alley of Namdaemun Market
  • View the panoramic sight of Seoul city at the N Seoul Tower observatory


  • Hop on the Seoul City Tour Bus and view Seoul’s famous tourist spots along the way
  • Learn more about the modern and contemporary history of Korea at the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History
  • Enjoy a walk through nature and skyscrapers from Gwanhwamun Square to Cheonggye Plaza

Cheonggyecheon ; Jongno

  • Take a stroll along the walking path of Cheonggyecheon (Stream) that spans fro Gwanghwamun to Dongdaemun Market
  • Enjoy the night scene of Cheonggyecheon and the 22 bridges that shine under fantastic lightings
  • Enjoy diverse genres of non-verbal performances


  • Shop for a wide selection of souvenirs, such as antiques, hanbok, and traditional arts and crafts that only Insa-dong can offer
  • Taste traditional Korean teas and dishes at traditional tea houses and restaurants
  • Experience temple life at Jogyesa Temple

Samcheong-dong : Bukchon

  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Changdeokgung Palace and Huwon
  • Visit craft workshops, galleries, and cafes remodeled from traditional hanok structures
  • Visit the eight most beautiful viewpoints of Bukchon selected by the Seoul Metropolitan Government

Namdaemun Market

  • Night-out to shop at the Dongdaemun fashion town
  • Explore the landmarks of Dongdaemun, the Dongdaemun History & Culture Park and Design Plaza
  • Savor street food such as Tteokbokki, Gimbap, and Bindaetteok at Gwangjang Market


  • Enjoy various genres of street performances at Daehangno and Marronnier Park
  • Take a walk along the Seoul Fortress Walls that takes you from Heunginjimun Gate to Naksan Park and Hyehwamun Gate
  • Take keepsake pictures at Ihwa Maeul, recently refurbished with public arts

Hongik University ; Sangsu Station Area

  • Tour the many unique cafes, such as cafes for pets, cartoons, and weddings
  • Experience the club culture of Korea, such as dancing, live performance and DJ shows
  • Visit Hongik Children’s Park on Saturdays for shopping at free markets and band performances

Sinchon ; Ehwa Womans University Station Area

  • Stroll through college campuses and experience the romantic college culture
  • Enjoy shopping for affordably priced trendy clothes, fashion accessories and make-up
  • Hop on a Gyeongui line train at Shinchon train station for a tour to suburban towns such as Paju and Munsan


  • Shop for big sized clothes and unique accessories imported from around the world
    Savor cuisines of countries around the world prepared by their native chefs
  • View diverse exhibitions at The National Museum of Korea and Leeum Samsung Museum of Art

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