“A Green Retreat in Seoul, Full of Surprises”

Jamsil | Songpa

     Jamsil is located in the southeastern part of Seoul embracing an extensive stretch of  reen land along the Hangang river. The area around Jamsil Station is full of interesting sights and entertainment, such as a large-scale shopping mall and themed park. To the east of Seokchon Lake, you will find the Seoul Norimadang where you can watch traditional art performances such as percussion music, fan dance, and pansori music, while to the west of the lake you will find Lotte World, the world’s largest indoor theme park. Visit the indoor ice rink, the folk museum, and other attractions, but you will find it hard to cover all the hotspots in a single day!
     Within ten minutes by subway from Jamsil, you will find Olympic Park that was built to commemorate the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics. This is also the site of Mongchontoseong, an ancient earthen rampart dating back to the Baekje Kingdom, a kingdom which flourished some 2,000 years ago with the area of present-
day Seoul as its capital.
     After touring Mongchon Museum of History and Hanseong Baekje Museum and learning about the life and culture of the ancient Baekje people, it is time to take a walk around the mud rampart, which is surrounded by a remarkable, wide stretch of wildflowers that change the landscape throughout the seasons, along with an extensive meadow land. All the scenery in the area is true to the name of the region, Mongchon, whose literal meaning is “the Village of Dreams”.
     As the fifth largest sculpture park in the world, Seoul Olympic Park is sure to give you a new experience with the sculptures by the greatest artists of our time on display in harmony with nature


  1. Lotte World – Lotte World is divided into an indoor theme park called ”Adventure” and an outdoor theme park called “Magic Island.” This is where various seasonal festivals are hosted throughout the year. One of the must-see’s in this facility includes a magnificent parade that takes place twice a day.
  2. Olympic Park – Built to commemorate the Seoul Olympics, the facilities of the park include a water garden that features a music fountain, the historic site Mongchontoseong, Soma Museum of Art, and over 200 outdoor sculptures on display.
  3. Mongchontoseong – An old fortress built on mud, this is a historic site from theBaekje Dynasty which you can find within Seoul Olympic Park. It is a historically significant place, but today, it is more popular for its wedding hall.

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