“Street of Passion for Shopping and Arts”

Dongdaemun Market Daehango

     The downtown area near Heunginjimun (one of the four great gates in Seoul, also called Dongdaemun) were just busy streets during the Joseon Period, but today, they have turned into a hub of fashion that attracts crowds of shoppers from everywhere to numerous retail and wholesale businesses. This area was also the second in Asia to welcome streetcars (1899), and the first to host a movie theater. Now, the Dongdaemun area reaches beyond Seoul and sets fashion trends for the world.

     In 2014, Dongdaemun area was reborn with Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), a new addition deisgned by the world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid. The glistening exterior of DDP is made of 45,133 aluminum panets, none of which are the same.This hard-tobelieve facility and the nearby Dongdaemun History and Culture Park attract crowds of visitors every day, testifying the vibrant past and future of Dongdaemun area.

     The Gwanghui-dong area where the market is located is also known as “the Silk Road od Seoul” because the area is a magnet for merchants from nearby countries such as Russia, Uzbekistan, and Mongolia. Visitors are sure to find traces of Dongdaemun area’s past and present in many corners of the area, a few which include the mural that you will see while walking along Cheonggyecheon (Stream), a mural that describes how a cloth item is completed in three days and how the fashion town Dongdaemun are is a place that never sleeps.

     If time allows, stroll along the walking trail of Seoul City Wall, a fortress wall that connects all four major ancient gates of the city. The walking trails begin at Heunginjimun Gates and proceeds to Naksan Park and Hyehwamun Gate. This is the best place to see traces of the ancient city fortress, and to have an aerial view of today’s Seoul City. When you arrive at Naksan Park, you will see Daegango and the streets of arts that are lined with over 90 small theaters and galleries. Your journey to Dongdaemun area is complete when you visit and take pictures of Ihwa Maeul that has recently been born as a mural town, and meet some of the young street artists at Marronnier Park.


Dongdaemun Fashion Town This is a shopping haven with a global reputation, patronized by domestic and overseas clothing wholesalers. The pre-dawn hours are generally busy with wholesalers. Tourists will find it more advantageous to visit during the day or evening hours. (Read more Here)

Seoul City Wall Take a walk along the Seoul City Wall Trail from Dongdaemun to Naksan Park and Hyehwamun Gate. This is the best walking trail to reflect on the history of Seoul and to have a full aerial view of the city. (Read more Here)

Ihwa Maeul  This is a neighborhood that has transformed itself into a picturesque landscape through the Naksan Public Art Project. Colorful murals painted on walls, stairways, and handrails bring vitality to the entire village of Naksan.


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