city area

“The Core of Seoul where the Past meets the Present”

City Hall Area | Myeong-dong – Euljiro | Namdaemun Market – Namsan 

     The city hall area is the undisputable heart of Seoul where you can see either a wide stretch of green gas, or modern skyscrapers standing in harmony with palaces that are hundreds of years old.Of all tourist magnets in the area, where the past blends with the present in harmony, Deoksugung Palace has particular significance as the background of Korea’s modern and contemporary history.

    Deoksugung is the only palace among the five ancient palaces in Seoul that shows a modern architectural style. It attracts tourists with majestic sight of Seokjojeon, which is Korea’s first modern stone building, and Jeonggwanheon (Pavilion), where King Gojong, the 26th king of the Joseon Period, is reported to have enjoyed his coffee. After touring the Deoksugung area, take a walk along the Doldam-gil that takes you to the Seoul Museum of Art. This road is often called the most beautiful walking path in Seoul with the ginkgo trees lining both sides.

    The city hall area is within ten minutes of other popular tourist attractions, such as Myeong-dong and Namdaemun Market, which is a six hundreed year old market where you can enjoy bargaining with merchants. Myeong-deong,  on the other hand, is the modern shopping district where you can find top-quality cosmetics. When the sun goes down, it is time to enjoy the lights that illuminate the nightlife of Seoul. The best place to have the entire night scene of Seoul in a single, sweeping vista is N Seoul Tower in Namsan (Mountain). Go up to the observatory at N Seoul Tower, and watch the city of Seoul sparkling in the darkness of the night. this wll surely be one of the most special moments in your visit to Seoul.


Deoksugung Palace  Watch the changing ceremony of royal guards called Sumunjang that takes place three times everyday, before setting out for a laid-back stroll on the Doldam-gil by Deoksugung. (Read more Here)

Seoul City Hall Sky Square, an ecology landmark of Seoul that boasts the world’s largest Green Wall at the new Seoul City Hall building, is a place where you can take a break at a gallery or cafe on the 8th and 9th floors. (Read more Here)

Myeong-deong Indulge yourself in shopping for the trends of Seoul on the street of Myeong-dong that is lined with department stores, duty free shops and designer and brand shops that sell clothes and cosmetics. (Read more Here)

N Seoul Tower Go up the N Seoul Tower in Namsan Park where a beautiful waling path harmonizes with nature, and observe the night scene of Seoul that can be seen from this vantage point. (Read more Here)


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