Get Free Samples from stores

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Everyone loves freebies, and following this tip will allow you to get some free Korean food and make up in Korea. Find out where the best places to go are and what kind of things you can get for free in Korea!

Free Korean Food Samples (시식)

Major Korean supermarkets are flat out awesome. If you go to any major Korean supermarket, you can go in and taste test a variety of different foods, including free galbi, fruit, soups, dumplings, yogurt and more. You don’t even have to fake like you’re going to buy the food. Just walk right up, unleash the inner cheapskate in you and indulge in free taste testing of all different kinds of Korean foods. There’s so much free food to sample, Koreans joke that the supermarket is the best place to get a meal if you’re broke and hungry. Massive variety and free = the ultimate penny pinching meal!

Tip 1: You’re only supposed to take one, but they usually don’t mind if you take two or three samples. They also don’t care if you come around for round 2 when they finish making another batch of whatever they’re cooking!
Tip 2: Galbi and other more expensive free samples are pretty popular. Don’t be scared to fight off a few ajummas to get yourself a nice snack.

Free Makeup Samples in Myeongdong

If you’re into Korean cosmetics, head over to Myeongdong to load up on free samples from pretty much every store there. Myeongdong is like Korean makeup heaven, so there’s a lot of competition to get your business. To try to get your business every store has a worker outside yelling (it’s some serious yelling folks) at tourists in Japanese, Chinese, Korean (sometimes English) enticing you to come in by handing you free makeup samples. All you have to do is look around the store. That’s it! If you just want the free sample, just do a quick walk around and get out. Bring an empty bag and fill it up your free goodies, so you can look pretty for weeks all for free! Score!

Got any places you like to get free stuff in Korea? Share with us in the comments!!

source: seoulistic


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