Banpo Hangang Park 반포한강공원

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     The park has many attractions of Hangang, a few of which include the Banpo Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, Jamsugyo, and Moonlight Square. Around the man-made Seoraeseom island, you can enjoy various water sports such as water skiing and motorboats on the water of Hangang. subwayLine 9 Express Bus Terminal Station Exit 8-1, Sinbanpo Station. Exit 2. 15minute walk
  1. Banpo Moonlight Rainbow Fountain – You can watch this spectacular fountain show from April to October. The rainbow-colored fountain created by 200 lightings unfolds like a picture on both sides of the bridge, which spans 570 meter long on each side. With its total length reaching 1,140 km when combined the both sides, the fountain is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest bridge fountain. Weekdays 3 times a day between 12:00-21:00, Weekends 6 times a day between 12:00-21:30 (7 times between Jul. and Aug.) The operation schedule is subject to change 02-3780-0578
Banpo Bridge

Banpo Bridge

Central City 센트럴시티

Central City

Central City

     This place has grown into a mega-sized shopping town visited by half a million shoppers per day due to its proximity to the Express Bus Terminal that connects you to 70 local cities. The place is home to a giant shopping mall that is connected with Shinsegye Department Store, as well as a theater, bookstore, food court, and Marriott Hotel. 10:30-20:00 (Business hours vary. Check in advance) subwayLine3,7 Express Bus Terminal Station. Exit 3, 4, 7, 8  02-6282-0114

Seorae Village 서래마을

Seorae Village

Seorae Village

     A village where half of the French residents of Korea are believed to be living in, Seorae Maeul has such an exotic environment that you will feel as if you are walking a street of open cafes somewhere in Paris. This is where you can find wine bars and cafes, not to mention of restaurants that boast of famous chefs and great atmospheres. subwayLine 3, 9 Express Bus Terminal Station. Exit 5. 10minute walk.

Seoul Arts Center 예술의전당

    Enjoy diverse genres of performance arts beginning from the concerts of world-famous musicians to opera, musical, theater, dance, and exhibitions. The SAC World Music Fountain that sits between the Opera House and Music Hall is the largest in Korea in terms of its size. It creates a fantastic show as the water flows dance to the music from around the world from Spring to Autumn. subwayLine 3 Nambu Bus Terminal Station. Exit 5. Transfer to local bus. 02-580-1300
  1. Hangaram Art Museum – This museum mostly exhibit contemporary artworks by artists from in and out of the country. The museum has six exhibition halls, storage space, art shop and cafe. Mar.-Oct. 11:00-20:00, Nov.-Dec. 11:00-19:00 (Closed on Mondays)
  2. National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts – The center has been preserving and promoting Korea’s traditional culture through a continuous series of performances. This is where you can enjoy top-class Korea’s performance arts, such as Geomungo Sanjo (free-style solo), fan dance, Samulnori, in addition to other performance arts and folk music programs such as the Saturday Premium Performance and royal ancestral rites music, which is designated by UNESCO as the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity ₩10,000 Saturday Premium Performance 15:00 on Saturdays English, Japanese, and Chinese brochures are available subwayLine 2 Bangbae Station. Exit 1, Line 7 Naebang Station. Exit 3. Nambu Bus Terminal Station. Exit 5. Transfer to bus 02-580-3300

    Hangaram Art Museum


    National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts


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