Hangang Park (Jamsil District) 한강시민공원 잠실지구

     The Jamsil District of the Hangang Park has several large sports and leisure facilities lining the park area. Visitors will find swimming pools, inline skate parks, bicycle paths, and basketball courts. subwayLine 2 Sports Complex Station. or Sincheon Station Exit 6, 7. 10minute walk 02-3780-0511 http://hangang.seoul.go.kr/park_jamsil

Seokchon Lake Park 석촌호수공원

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     A piece of serene nature in the middle of the city, Seokchon Lake is composed of the east and west lakes. The east lake is used as a park where local residents can relax, stroll and jog along the water, while the west lake features the lively Lotte World amusement park’s Magic Island. subwayLine 2. Jamsil Station. Exit 3, 4. 15minute walk. 02-415- 95 http://culture.songpa.go.kr
  • Lotte World – World’s largest indoor amusement park opened its doors in 1989, and today it offers exciting rides and attractions as well as an indoor ice skating rink and a shopping mall. 09:30-23:00 subwayConnects to Line 2 Jamsil Station 02-411-2000 http://www.lotteworld.com
  • Lotte World Folk Museum – See Korea’s history and culture in a fun, family-oriented museum. Adults ₩5,000 Youths ₩3,000 Childrens ₩2,000 Weekdays 09:30-20:00, Weekends 09:30-21:00 02-411-2000
  • Seoul Norimadang – An outdoor traditional performance venue within the Seokchon Lake Park 15:00-16:00 (Apr.-Oct. each year) Schedules subject to change (Sat. Intangible cultural treasure performances, Sun. Fusion Korean music and other creative traditional art performances) 02-2147-3727
Seoul Noraebeng

Seoul Norimadang

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Jamsil Sports Complex 잠실종합운동장

     Korea’s largest sports complex was home to the 10th Asian Games in 1986 and the 24th Seoul Olympics in 1988. The Olympic main Stadium, indoor stadiums and swimming stadium. The complex hosts international sports matches as well as diverse cultural activities. 02-2240-8746 subwayLine 2 Sports Complex Station. Exit 6, 7
  • Jamsil Baseball Stadium – Korea’s oldest and most famous baseball stadium opened in 1982, with an average of 20,000 fans cheering for their teams during the baseball season (Apr.-Sep.) 1644-0211 No games are held on Mondays, or in inclement weather.
Jamsil Baseball Stadium

Jamsil Baseball Stadium

Jamsil Sports Complex

Jamsil Sports Complex

Jamsil Shopping Town 잠실쇼핑타운

     The Jamsil Station Underground Shopping Center, Lotte Department Store, Lotte World Duty Free make this a one-stop shopping destination. subwayConnects with Line 2 Jamsil Station
  • Jamsil Station Underground Shopping Center
  • Lotte Dept. Store Jamsil
  • Lotte World Duty Free

Seoul Helicopter Tour 헬기투어

     The helicopter tour that you can have the panoramic view of Seoul and Hangang offers a total of four courses – Yeouido, Trade Center, Gwangnaru, and Paldangdam courses. The tour takes about 7-30 minutes. Up to three people per helicopter, but it varies depending on the course.subway Line 2 Jamsil Sports Complex Station. Exit 6, 7. 15minute walk 1899-2679 http://www.blueairlines.co.kr

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